Couples Counseling

There are few gifts a couple can give each other greater than the joy that comes from feeling known and understood.

John Gottman

Romantic partnerships are the greatest source of support, love and encouragement that adults can experience. When they are disconnected by emotional distance, betrayal, wounding or patterns of gridlocked issues that cannot be shifted, we can feel at our most despairing and hopeless. We believe that a good relationship is the base from which we feel accepted, seen, heard and loved. From this strong base, we may grow and flourish in all other areas of our lives; parenting, personal goals and dreams, career, creativity and connections to friends and family.

Working with the Gottman Method, and Emotionally Focused Therapy, we help couples to strengthen their connection, heal wounds and re-discover or develop for the first time, a strong bond. We endeavor to understand the uniqueness of the individuals we are working with, so that we may explore the dynamics of the relationship they have created together.

Individual Therapy

If we climb high enough, we will reach a height from which tragedy ceases to look tragic.

Dr. Irvin Yalom

People seek counseling and psychotherapy for many reasons and with a variety of expectations and concerns. One of the first things we will do is explore your reasons for being here, and your hopes for therapy. This discussion will be an ongoing process that we will return to throughout our time together. We provide you the opportunity to talk with someone who is trained, learned, compassionate, and dedicated to understanding you and your unique needs. We believe that individuals are more than a diagnosis, and that therapy should focus on the uniqueness of each person, and their life circumstances.

Emily Grogan, M.A., LMHCA

Psychotherapist / Couples Counselor

I strive to create a supportive, non judgemental and open space for individuals and couples to work through the emotional challenges that life inevitably produces. I believe in holding any diagnosis lightly in service of getting to know the complete uniqueness of the individual(s) with whom I am working. I engage in exploring the client’s goals and working with those goals in mind.

I am an ally to the LGBTQ community, and I work to uncover and be cognizant of power and privilege dynamics that may hinder meaningful therapeutic work. I work with cultural humility and endeavor to create a therapeutic experience that is free from assumptions about, or and ignorance of racial, ethnic and gender identities.

  • Licensed Mental Health Counselor Associate
  • Master of Arts in Psychology from Seattle University
  • Level III Gottman Method trained couples’ therapist

Chris Paredes, M.A., LMHCA

Psychotherapist / Couples Counselor

When your relationships suffer, your entire life suffers. At times it can seem that even though you desire rewarding and fulfilling relationships, countless obstacles prevent this from happening. We can all find ourselves stuck in this place at times, unable to change personal situations or navigate difficulties in relationships. Changing your life can begin just by talking with someone, and I work with both individuals and couples seeking change, support, and growth in their personal lives.

I provide evidence based care (Gottman Method / EFT) to help couples connect rather than fight. Working with individuals, I help navigate depression, anxiety, grief, loss, and life transitions. I am particularly drawn to working with individuals in addiction recovery, as well as those impacted by other people's addictions.

Is therapy right for you? I provide a twenty minute phone consultation to prospective clients, and would be happy to schedule a time to discuss your hopes for meeting with a therapist and to answer any questions you may have.


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