Will Couples Therapy Hurt Our Relationship?

The decision to begin couples therapy can be challenging. One or both partners may feel apprehension about the decision to delve into the areas of their relationship which have been either ‘no go’ zones because of the difficult feelings that arise during conflict, or ‘danger’ zones because of the fighting that ensues and the hurt that lingers after a fight. Why would anyone sign up to pay for 80 minutes of that dynamic?...

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What Is Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy?

When couples attend therapy, there is often a history of issues with communication, intimacy, and other factors related to problems with the expression of emotion. The expression of emotion between couples is communicated in both spoken and unspoken ways, and this can contribute to either a strong bond or a feeling of distance. Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT) is a short-term treatment approach used to address conflict in the communication and behavior between couples....

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What Is Gottman Method Couples Counseling?

The Gottman Method is a therapeutic approach to couples counseling for the assessment and treatment of various relationship issues. The Gottman Method was created by Drs. John and Julie Gottman utilizing their shared decades of research on the best approaches to address couple conflict and relationship patterns1. The Gottman Method focuses on communication, building trust, intimacy and friendship, and managing conflict. 2. This approach also assists couples in working through gridlocked issues and increasing empathy and understanding towards one another....

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